Fica Seeds Staff explaining to a Dynapharm distributor

Dynapharm together with NAADS re-lauching the farmers' competition

Mr. Oi Ho Choi displaying a DI Yield
President Dynapharm Africa

President Dynapharm Africa, Ms. Ampumuza Esther chatting with Dynapharm Investor in Tanzania.

Ministry of Agriculture at the Farmers' Competition Re-Lauch
General Manager Dynapharm Africa

General Manager Dynapharm Africa, Mr. Oine King Solomon chatting with guests at the Dynapharm-Naads Farmers competition Launch at sheraton Hotel, Kampala.

Chairman Dynapharm International, Mr. Oi Ho Choi
President Dynapharm Africa together with Mrs Jane Barigye
Cars paraded heading to the Ceremonial Grounds.
Skatters displaying tactics on the!

Skatters displaying skills and tactics on the way to the ceremonial grounds.

Ms. Ampumuza Esther Address

President Dynapharm Africa, Ms. Ampumuza Esther addressing guest at Sheraton Hotel upon the Launch of Dynapharm-Naads Farmers competition launch.

Product of the Day




  •  A 100% Alkaline food 
  •  Balanced and high nutrient food 
  •  Low calories 
  •  Spirulina has been selected as essential food by NASA, USA, professional Coaches, fitness enthusiasts, body builders and health conscious people. Spirulina can be taken in high dosage 
  •  Adults, 3 to 7 tablets, three times a day
  •  Children 1 or 2 table spoonful, 2 or 3 times a day 
Key Ingredients 
 PROTEIN CONTENT:-Complete high-biological protein contains 8 essential Amino acids and 10 non-essential Amino acids, spirulina,60%-70%, Soya beans 30%, b 
 B- CAROTENE- 25 times richer than raw carrot, 100 times richer than papaya. 
 Y-LINOLEIC ACID (GLA) – 3 times richer than Evening Primrose Oil. 
 VITAMIN E – 3 times richer than raw wheat germ, 49% greater biological activity than synthetic Vitamin E. 
 VITAMIN B12 – Nature’s richest whole food source of vitamin B12,- 2-6 times richer than raw beef liver. 
 ANTIOXIDANTS – Natures richest whole food source of antioxidants: Vitamin B1,B6, E, Zinc, Manganese, copper, selenium, Amino acid Methionine, B – carotene. 
 IRON – Nature richest whole food source of organic iron, Non toxic, 58 times richer than raw spinach, 28 times richer than raw beef liver. 
 CHLOROPHYLL – 10 times richer than vegetables. Many times richer than alfalfa or wheat grass. 
 OTHER VITAMINS- A, B1, B5, B6, C, E, K, Nicotinic acid, Folic Acid and Pantothenic acid. 
 OTHER MINERALS – Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, copper, Potassium, Selenium. 
  •  Cancer, Viral infections, Weak immunity 
  •  Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis 
  •  Anemia, Ulcers/Gastritis, Hepatitis, Asthma 
  •  Kidney poisoning, Pancreatitis, Osteoporosis 
  •  Tuberculosis , Insomnia, Kwashiorkor, Hair loss/Boldness, Cramps, PMS 
  •  Bad breath, Appetite, Skin Allergy 
  •  Suitable for Pregnant / Lactating mothers 
  •  And many other diseases 


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Client Testimonies

  • Mrs. Giova B. Jamison,Caloocan City
    Mar 4, 2013

    My Arthritic pain was unbearable!

    "I have been suffering from arthritis ever since high school, On February 2005, I met a Dynapharm distributor who shared the health benefits of Chlorophyll with guarana.After drinking one bottle, I felt better and started taking Yee Gano capsule,Yee Ginkgo, Yee Yangyen and Dyna C".
  • Mary Jane Lenis,Lambunao, Iloilo
    Mar 4, 2013

    What a relief, now i can breath freely!

    "I could not sleep for three consecutive nights because of persistent cough, high fever and asthma. Fortunately, a Dynapharm distributor introduced Tongkat Ali coffee, Chlorophyll plus Guarana juice and Yee Garlic. A few minutes later, I perspired a lot and my fever went down. Until now, I can breathe more freely".
  • Marilou Buan Rivera San Vicente, Tarlac
    Mar 4, 2013

    ...I had breast cancer, now am healed!

    "In June, 2003, I felt a severe pain on my chest. The following month, the pain became unbearable and, I felt something solid under my left breast.When I consulted an oncologist, I was diagnosed to have cancer of the breast Stage 1!.I remembered Jerry Francisco, a herbalist who introduced me to the Dynapharm products. I took Chlorophyll with guarana, Spirulina, Soya bean powder, Yee Yang Yen And Vitamin C for two months before my surgery. I feel energized and healthy".

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